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Hi, I'm Bev!


Since the age of 19, my hairdressing career has been driven by independence, fuelled by passion and I am proud of the successes I have achieved along the way. However, following the sale of my award-winning salon in 2010, I took some time to travel, and my world changed completely.

New experiences opened my eyes and I realised that we can’t continue the way we are, the pollution and waste I saw affecting our beautiful planet broke my heart. On our own, we can’t change the World, but we can make a difference to our own little corner of it. By making a conscious effort every day to do what we can for the environment and for those in it, together we can make a much bigger difference.

Cohesion is a holistic business and a community that looks at the whole picture, we’re here to support you physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually because life is about balance!

We welcome you and your ideas on everything hair, art, craft, cake, socials… you get the picture! Let’s build something special for the fantastic place we live in, together.

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